junior 9-11 years old

Acro: Beautiful technique moves from styles like ballet, lyrical, or jazz are seamlessly combined with acrobatic poses and stunts. The perfect combination of dance and gymnastics.

Ballet: The format for this class is barre, across the floor work, center work (adagio, petit allegro, and grand allegro exercises), and choreography. Students further their knowledge in technique, terminology, and choreography. This class will significantly improve their flexibility, balance, strength, extension, and posture. We focus on proper body alignment and teaching steps by building them from their foundation move to their most spectacular expression. This class will lay a strong foundation for all other styles. 

Ballet/Flamenco: For the first half of class, students explore the foundation of Ballet through interactive play and having fun in a creative environment. They develop skills to help them with their coordination and self confidence, and they learn about counting, timing, and different music and beats. In the second half, they have the time of their lives learning the basics of Flamenco through footwork, palmas, hand movement, and the use of the skirt. This is our little one's introduction to dance, so our goal is for them to fall in love with the art and have them asking every day "Please take me to dance class today!"

Break and Pop: This is going to be your boys' favorite class! And girls love it too! Learn from the styles of Breaking and Hip hop: foot work, top rock, freezes, and power moves. Combine it all to come up with freestyle moves and dances that will impress everyone!

Company: For students who want to further their dance education and are thinking of pursuing dance in high school, college, as a major, and/or professionally. The Company has performance and competition opportunities throughout the year, in addition to performing in our annual recital. Students in Dance Company must take Ballet, another class of their choice, plus 2 Company classes every week. They must have a certain level, so this class is by placement only. For more information on our Dance Company please contact the studio.

Contemporary: A style that combines ballet, modern, and some jazz technique, this class allows the student to express themselves through strong and at the same time fluid movement, grounded to the floor yet airy in feel. Class format is warm up, across the floor, and choreography.

Jazz/Tap: Half of the class students will work on fun jazz technique, stylized lines and strong moves. The other half they get to have fun exploring rhythm and movement as they learn the basics of tap. 

Flamenco: A dance style that originates from Spain during the nineteenth century, although the roots and precedents of Flamenco date back long before that. In this class students will learn technique through footwork (zapateo), beats and clapping (compás and palmas), arms and hands movements, castañuelas, and the use of the skirt for various rhythms (palos) of Flamenco. Guaranteed fun! Be international, Be Dance!

Hip Hop: This high energy class includes fast and intricate moves and body isolations to popular and clean music. Dancers are encouraged to explore and have fun with movement through some freestyling, and by adding their own personality to the moves. Class consists of warm up, some across the floor, and choreography.

Industry (previously Hip Hop): Think the dances you see in music videos, sports dance teams, commercials, etc! All the fun to popular upbeat music.

Jazz: This is a fun and lively class where students learn clean and stylized moves, with strong technique. The class format is warm up (conditioning, stretching and strengthening), across the floor work, and combinations and choreography in the center. Students learn how to convey emotion, portray a character, and dance with attitude.

Musical Theater: Sing, act, and Dance! This class covers everything needed to be a well rounded performer, and one day make it to Broadway! Work on vocals, acting skills, and dance technique, while taking on and portraying a particular role. 

Pointe: This class starts as an intermediate/advanced ballet class. They will work on strengthening and mastering technique necessary to get en pointe. After they turn 11 years old, and the teacher decides the student is ready for pointe (alignment, strength, technique), she will clear the student to get and start wearing pointe shoes. Class will have a strong Barre portion, some across the floor, and center work. 

Tap: Students will create rhythm with their feet and learn tap terminology, musicality, and timing. Class format is warm-up, across the floor, and center/choreography work. Fun, popular, and clean music will be used.

Please see our Dress Code page, to see what your child needs to wear for each class.

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