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other fees


$55/month  (Aug-Apr)

85 min. /week class

Siblings discount:

1st sibling: 10% off

2nd sibling and up: 20% off


$70/month  (Aug-Apr)

55 min. /week class


$60/month  (Aug-Apr)

​​​We operate our curriculum similar to a school year, August to May. We call it our dance year. The tuition totals are for the entire dance year. If you pay the year at once you receive a 10% discount. This payment is due August 1st by check or Venmo. This option is only available for people joining us in August.
If you rather pay month-to-month or if you join later in the year, that is great too! We just divide the total for the year into equal monthly payments for your convenience.  For this reason, it doesn't matter how many holidays, closings, or number of classes a particular month has, the tuition price is the same as any other month since you are making an installment for your yearly tuition. This payment is due the 1st of every month through automatic billing.

Registration fee is due July 1st, or at time of registration, for returning students. 

Monthly payments not received by the 10th of the month will incur a 20% late fee

40 min. /week class

​​​Membership Fee:  $45/ family. Due July 1st, or at moment of registration if registering after July 1st. The fee overs year-round admin time and free recital costume exchanges if the size is not correct. It also helps cover the cost of our extra precautions implemented since the pandemic, including added professional cleaning fees and our recently installed HVAC air purifier that uses activated carbon and UV lights to kill 99% of airborne mold, bacteria, viruses, and allergens. And finally, as a member of Be Dance, students have access to CLI Studios online, where they get access to online master classes from renowned teachers and choreographers in the dance industry. 

Recital Fee:  $45/ student participating. Due in November. What it covers: Dress rehearsal day (opportunity to practice and get feedback in the theater several days before performance), use of venue for both dress rehearsal and recital day, trophy, sound and lighting technicians for both dress rehearsal and recital, security if required by the venue, and video of the shows.

Recital Costumes:

2.5-5 years old-  $70 per costume.

6+ years old-  $75 per costume.

Due in November.

Recital tickets: Recital tickets are sold closer to recital date. Price ranges from $12-$14.

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Multi-class discounts: 

2nd class: 10% off

3rd class and up: 20% off


$78/month (Aug-Apr)

30 min. /week class


Gift certificates available for any amount.

​​Withdrawal Policy: 30-day written notice by e-mailing (one last installment charge goes through after notice).